Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday 16 July 2008

Twice the fun today. Went to my favourite daytime sex haunt in the wonderful city of Cape Town - Rudeboys - and had fun, as I usually do.

First went up there at 12:00 and about 20 mins later a young biker guy in jeans and beanie came in, and within 5 mins we were sitting in the dark DVD lounge, and had our cocks out stroking. He soon took off his t-shirt, dropped his jeans, and was over me, jacking and sucking my cock. As soon as I touched him and gave his hard prick a couple of strokes he shot off a massive thick load onto his chest. And then he took off - saying he likes older guys and hopes he hooks up with me again for a longer session. I hope so too.

Came back to work, and then went back up again at 2.45pm. Four guys there, and soon after a young Italian, or Portuguese guy came and sat next o me in the lounge and took his massive, uncut, throbing cock out. I took out mine, in two seconds flat he leant over and started sucking me. "Lets go to the cubicle" he said. For fucking sure...

I no sooner closed the door and his clothes were off and he was on his knees servicing me. And then he came to point - "Fuck me daddy". He had a tight hole, but soon opened up with my fingers, moaning, he begged me to fuck him, and I did! What a fuck, what a hot guy, looking in my eyes, smiling and moaning. We fucked liked rabbits, and too soon it was over. It took my cell phone number, and wanted to know how often I came to Rudeboys? "Every day".
As I left, I looked into the sling room, and there was guy in the sling being fucked hard by one of the regulars and another waiting his turn. Fuck I love this place.

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