Monday, July 27, 2015

The Comforting Effects of Nursery Blankets on Kids

Nursery blankets mean the world to kids. As adults, we sometimes forget that the world that children is in is very different from ours. How is it different?

For one, kids need a lot of security. They are just beginning to learn about life on this planet we call Earth. And since there are still so many things they don't know, or have yet to discover, the world can be a scary place to be in. Therefore, kids need to be comforted by people or objects that they are familiar with - like nursery blankets or pillows.

Also, in the world of a kid, anything is possible. A child has unlimited potential to imagine. The possibilities are endless. So security blankets are comforting to them because they sometimes have objects of imagination printed on them. Objects such as their favorite cartoon characters, characters from their favorite fairy tales, etc. These designs have a positive impact on the child - they provide comfort.

The adult world is the real world. Adults have to face up to reality, whether they like it or not. And not everything in the real world is a bed of roses. In fact, to many people, the real world is a harsh and cruel world. In other words, life is difficult. And if adults are experiencing that, what about kids? For sure, the world can be a huge and confusing place.

That's why when kids go to bed, they always require reassurance - that everything is going to be alright. Some will ask their mothers to read to them, while others will not let their parents turn off the lights. They have such funny requests because they have feelings of insecurity.

Therefore, when buying a nursery blanket for a kid, don't just think about providing a piece of cloth that keeps the child warm. That's just providing physical comfort. More importantly, the nursery blanket should provide psychological comfort. In other words, it should provide a strong sense of security for the kid.

Once the kid becomes familiar with nursery blanket, the parent will have an easier time getting a child to go to bed. After a long day, it's time to retract into the welcoming warmth of the nursery blanket and have a good night's sleep.

The nursery blanket thus becomes a sanctuary for the kid. Have you observed that when a kid is frightened (for example, after reading a spooky story book), he or she will go hide under a nursery blanket? Why would a kid do that? A kid does that naturally because he or she thinks that the nursery blanket can offer protection.

So don't take the issue of a nursery blanket too lightly. In a kid's world, the nursery blanket is a big deal, even though adults tend to think otherwise. But pay attention to the needs of the kids. Kids provided with a stronger sense of security will grow up feeling more assured and confident.