Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Past Week

Fuck, its been a busy week, and I have not been able to post. Last Saturday was a blast, with me spending from 7.30am until 2.30pm with a bot, hot kinky and raunchy guy that I met on It was a good session with me fucking him three times during the morning and getting in some quality fisting. The BB porn was playing in the background, the toys and poppers were out - and fuck it was one hot session - not the last with this one.

Then on Monday lunchtime, went to Adult World and had a quick blowjob, but not much happening.

On Tuesday went to Wet Warehouse - fuck what a wate of time.

On Wednesday went out to a guy's house at lunctime that had hooked up with me two hours earlier on and had a quick, but hot and intense bb fuck, and was back in the office within and hour and a half.

On Thursday, took the afternoon off from work, and went to the steam baths - Hot House - quiet for a Thrusday afternoon, but got busy towards the alter afternoon - had a very hot bb fuck with another guy and we shared this tight hot arse in the maze - fuck was he a slut.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rude Boys News

Heard yesterday that Rude Boys has closed for about two weeks while it relocates to new premises. Will keep you updated as the owners said they will contact me as soon as the new place is ready to open. I hope its not going to take too long - getting withdrawal systems already.
What I am hoping to find on the couch at Rude Boys when it reopens and I return.....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Fun at Adult World

Yesterday I went to Adult World in Riebeeck Street. Haven't been there for some time, and it was quiet. I now remember why I don't go there so often: - the staff are so full of attitude and unfriendly. Aslo, they have put their entrance price up from R20 to R30 - that's a hell of a jump, far more than inflation....

There was one guy there, tall, skin-head look. First sucked me through the glory hole, but fuck man, why cant guys learn to suck - all teeth and no technique.....

Pulled my dick back out and went for a walk around, still nobody else - skin-head was now in a cubicle, was randy, so went in. He striped immediatly and was on his knees - wanted to be dominated, which I quickly did and roughed him up for not being able to suck like a pig slut should be able to do - turned him around and worked his ass, opened him up wide, had him moaning and snorting the poppers, pushed my cock in, fucked for a while, pulled out, dressed up and left.

That will teach him for being such a lousy sucker.....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday 20 July 2008

Yesterday I went out to the famous Cape Town nudist beach, Sandy Bay, which is also a very hot cruising and sex place for hot gay men. Although its winter in Cape Town at the moment, it was a crisp sunny day and there were a few honry guys walking on the rocks and through the bushes.

Had a good long group session with six other guys in the bushes, as well as some fun with a married guy an hour later.

All in all, not a bad afternoon at the beach during winter.

Friday 18 July 2008

I arrived at Hot House Steam Baths in the gay "village" of Cape Town, just afdter midday when they open, and left just at 4.30 pm. It wasn't as busy as it usually gets on a Friday afternoon, but I can't complain....

I shot my load three times during those raunchy few hours, having sucked seven cocks, or was it eight? Lost count of the number of times I was sucked and fondled with .... had three hot group scenes, one int he dry sauna, and the others in the maze, and fucked three hot guys.
I had actually gone to Hot House on Friday to meed up with H who had hooked up with me on but, gues what - he didn't turn up at the time he said he would, and I only got his SMS when I left to say he could only make it later - well, maybe another time - but I certainly didn't sit around waiting for him...
Yeah, it was a good afternoon ... hope to see some of you there soon

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday 17 July 2008

Went to Rude Boys for two hours today - nothing much to report. Very quiet. Firstly had my dick suck for a while by a large banker dude who then shot his load while sucking me. He quickly cleaned up an left, leaving me with an throbing boner.

Half an hour later, a young guy in boots and jeans, came in, went into one of the cubicles with glory hole, and sucked my cock, moaning loudly from the otherside. Heard him take snort of poppers and I knealt down to work on his dick. Nice and thick with a pointed head, already leaking globs of precum. While I sucked he passed the bottle through the hole - I took a long snort, and went back to work. Wow, seconds later he blew and what a load. He pulled out, zipped up and was gone in a flash.

Stayed another half an hour and had a good wank with a few good snorts of the brown bottle while watching some hot Latino porn in the lounge.

I just wish the guys there would change the programming of the porn on the computer - its almost always the same porn during the day when I go there.

Going to Hot House steam baths tomorrow - have taken the day off to be a pig. Will let you know what happened soon.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday 16 July 2008

Twice the fun today. Went to my favourite daytime sex haunt in the wonderful city of Cape Town - Rudeboys - and had fun, as I usually do.

First went up there at 12:00 and about 20 mins later a young biker guy in jeans and beanie came in, and within 5 mins we were sitting in the dark DVD lounge, and had our cocks out stroking. He soon took off his t-shirt, dropped his jeans, and was over me, jacking and sucking my cock. As soon as I touched him and gave his hard prick a couple of strokes he shot off a massive thick load onto his chest. And then he took off - saying he likes older guys and hopes he hooks up with me again for a longer session. I hope so too.

Came back to work, and then went back up again at 2.45pm. Four guys there, and soon after a young Italian, or Portuguese guy came and sat next o me in the lounge and took his massive, uncut, throbing cock out. I took out mine, in two seconds flat he leant over and started sucking me. "Lets go to the cubicle" he said. For fucking sure...

I no sooner closed the door and his clothes were off and he was on his knees servicing me. And then he came to point - "Fuck me daddy". He had a tight hole, but soon opened up with my fingers, moaning, he begged me to fuck him, and I did! What a fuck, what a hot guy, looking in my eyes, smiling and moaning. We fucked liked rabbits, and too soon it was over. It took my cell phone number, and wanted to know how often I came to Rudeboys? "Every day".
As I left, I looked into the sling room, and there was guy in the sling being fucked hard by one of the regulars and another waiting his turn. Fuck I love this place.