Sunday, April 27, 2014

Virtual Worlds to Bloom by 55% in Five Years

The commercial and free virtual world research firm eMarketer have made a bold prediction that within five years, virtual worlds may see an exponential growth of up to 55%. That's an encouraging sign for VWs in general because they are slowly gaining the acceptance of even adults nowadays. Because of its online nature, there has always been a running assumption that VWs are only for children and young adults. But VWs have proven to be a bustling community with its own economy, sensibilities and even culture. 

This parallelism with real life has given it a new buzz among adults, sensible moms and the baby boomer generation. The projections of eMarketer detail the consumption of virtual world consumption by young children to rise from eight million to fifteen million users. An estimated 54% of these young children will range from the ages of 3 to 11. The percentile for teens as of the year 2013 would be at 25%. Although virtual world marketers are gearing to include the demographic of the young urban professionals, family-oriented adults and stay-at-home moms, the majority of the buzz surrounding VWs still remains in the domain of the young children. As of today, there are about 150 commercial and free virtual worlds for kids. 

This trend will only continue five years from now. eMarketer points out that a good reason why VWs are a hit among children is its integration of the perks of video games and social marketing. After all, if children can get their fix on these two highlights of the Web 2.0 phenomenon in one place, they will definitely keep coming back. Moreover, children have a strong affinity for camaraderie in the online setting. Concerns about child safety are common with parents regarding the use of their children of these VWs. Exploitations and harassments do happen in these virtual world communities. But with the awareness brought by media literacy and previous reports of abuse, administrators of VWs are keen to maintain high standards of child protection in these online communities. 

With the multitude of commercial and free virtual worlds in the World Wide Web, having a strong sense of protection for users is good for brand identification. This is why virtual worlds are hard at work to maintain a good reputation for child safety. For VWs catering to the adult demographic, such safety concerns are not that important. 

The premium is for the user experience inside these online communities. There are two kinds of VWs and their focuses are clearly delineated: the massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) and the social networking virtual worlds. As one can observe, adults are looking for an optimized experience in these virtual worlds - unlike virtual worlds for kids which try to give everything for children. However, advertising in VWs as of late has still not turned into a full-fledged industry because marketers are still feeling out these virtual worlds. According to Debra Aho Williamson, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report, Kids and Teens: Growing Up Virtual: "Unfortunately, as with social networks, advertising has not kept pace with usage. Not surprisingly, the hype and fizzling out of Second Life, combined with the tough economy, have made some marketers skittish for virtual worlds in general." With the strong market competition, it can be forecasted that VWs will keep on improving their services - whether for children or for adults. And with this competition in mind, the forecasted 55% increase of virtual world usage by the research firm eMarketer seems to be reasonable and following its timetable.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Succeeding in Adult Online Dating

There is a wide-open world for people with low self-esteem or are too shy to get out and meet people. This new world is adult dating personals sites. These sites may not be as romantic as your favorite love story. But they are a viable alternative for the shy people to meet and possibly fall in love. With so many adult dating personals sites available today how do you pick which one is right for you? Take each site one by one and read their descriptions and requirements. 

This will tell you whether you want to join that adult dating personals site or not. Most online adult dating personals sites will cater to a specific group of people. Some sites cater to sports enthusiasts only, while others cater to Christians only. Some will allow adult content while other sites are more family oriented. Finding the online adult dating personals site that fits your style and beliefs will take time and a little effort. We live in a fast paced era where every minute counts. 

We don't want to waste time on dating people that might not work out. This is where online adult personals sites come into play. These sites allow you to know instantly whether their members have the same beliefs and interests as you do. You should follow standard safety measures when you join an online adult personals site. These include the most basic safety measures of not giving out your personal details for the whole world to see. Do not give out your real name or your home and office phone numbers or addresses. 

Once you have talked with someone for a while and believe they are trustworthy, then and only then you can give them a little more personal information. When you sign up with an online adult dating personals site you can give a photo and a description of yourself. Make sure you keep your real name private and use an alias in the forums. You have found that someone special on the adult dating personals site and you decide to meet. There are several safety measures you can follow to make sure your date goes as you plan. 

The first time you meet someone from the adult dating personals site should be in a public place. The more people around you the better. You don't want to be totally alone with them to start with. Never meet at your home. If possible make your date a double date with friends or make it a group date with several friends both yours and theirs. Take your own car or a cab to the date never let them drive you. Do not drink too much alcohol, you need to be in control of your senses at all times. Be sure to let a friend know where you are going and whom you are meeting. Let a friend know all you can about the person you are dating. Online adult dating personals sites are a great place to meet people. Following the advice in this article can keep you safe and help you find the love of your life.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Adult Acne: Can It Still be Cured?

The tales of adult acne has ever been a silent one, only told as whispers and an unfortunate few suffered from it, some may even refuse to show themselves to the world. The manifestation of adult acne has been recognized during the Eighties, when the yuppie generation has standardized of what is to become the hip urban lifestyle free of adult acne and any other lesions. 

Though adult acne is one aesthetic issue that is quite prevalent in the real world, nearly 25 percent of men, and about 50 percent of women from their twenties and even in their fifties may still experience having adult acne. The face is usually the first place for adult acne to appear, and may also form in parts of the body only their significant other knows where. 

So much like the majority of teenagers with their growing pains, what sort of twisted fate that could make adults tremble with fear due to adult acne? Have they suffered enough when they were younger and forced to douse themselves with every medicated formula there is to cure adult acne? As much as today's medical breakthroughs can offer in the 21st century, adult acne, so much like teenage acne, still has no cure though doctors and dermatologists believe its roots may be traced to hormonal imbalance. 

Another addition to the cause of adult acne can be found on how we actually live, mostly on diet, stress, vitamin deficiency, and evolutionary biology. No, we are not turning into monsters. All they can prescribe is that products on acne marketed for teens may also be used by adults. Social issues fall victim to adult acne, causing anxiety and depression among friends and family alike. 

Who could just walk into an after-hours club when his or her face is covered in adult acne? It may be a vanity thing for those who would want to stand out to be noticed, but adult acne is one type of concern that will definitely make you stand out like a weed. Skin clinics rejoice that they make thousands of (pesos) from people to help them get rid of their adult acne. 

Cosmetic products like foundations, blushes and such kept flying off the shelves as women find ways to hide the scars caused by adult acne. They would say that 'judge not a book by its cover', but it would only mean that only the fortunate ones have not suffered adult acne. As we live in a generation where superficiality can be just about anything, adult acne has become a hindrance of a majority of adults who wish to look presentable.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Natural Treatment for Adult Acne

For most adults the skin on their face is entirely normal. For those who suffer adult acne the value placed on clear blemish free skin can be high. The face is the first thing others notice when they first see or meet you. The better our appearance the greater our confidence not only in ourselves but also in how the outside world sees us. Finding a natural treatment can become a top priority if you suffer from adult acne. Many of us outgrew the acne that plagued us as teenagers. 

It was a major problem back then but as we aged it went away. But for many people the acne never went away and while not life threatening adult acne can create self image problems that most adults don't want to deal with. If you are looking for a natural treatment for adult acne there is light at the end of the tunnel. If adult acne is your curse and you are tired of wasting money on the latest cream or pill then maybe a more natural treatment is the answer. 

You need a remedy that isn't harsh and leaves your skin all red and blotchy. Many natural acne treatments are easy to do and require nothing more then a few lifestyle adjustments. The most effective way to treat adult acne is to drink water: at least 8 glasses over the course of the day. Don't drink it all at once; you'll spend more time in the bathroom then anywhere else. Water is the lubricant that makes the body run smoothly and helps expedite the removal of toxins that may contribute to acne. Keeping your skin clean is another way to help treat the outbreak of adult acne. 

Make sure to thoroughly clean all make-up products off you skin everyday, particularly before you go to bed. Doing so can cause you pores to clog trapping the acne causing bacteria in your skin. It is also a good idea to keep your hair away from your face. The oil on your hair can also lead to clogged pores. One of the more important things to remember when it comes to treating adult acne is to never pick at or pop your pimples. 

A pimple is nothing more than an infection in the pores of your skin and popping the pustule can cause the acne causing bacteria to spread to other pores. Eating a healthy diet is another good way to fight the affects of adult acne. While there is no scientific evidence that oily, fatty and high sugar foods can cause acne eating these types of foods in general is not a good idea. They just aren't that good for you body as a whole. Eating a diet high in fiber, anti-oxidants, and vitamins and minerals is the best way to go. The more efficient your body runs the better all the systems will work, including your biggest organ, your skin. A diet rich in bet-carotene and zinc is also recommended because these nutrients help not only prevent adult acne but also help the healing process and help to prevent scarring.